LTKAK10 Download TVS Diodes LTKAK10 Datasheet

The LTKAK10 series offer superior clamping characteristics over standard SAD technologies by virtue of the Littelfuse Foldbak technology, which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage (but above the rated working voltage). Therefore, any voltage rise due to increased current conduction is contained to a minimum, providing the best possible protection level. They can also be connected in series and/or parallel to create various capability and flexible protection solutions.

LTKAK10 in SMTO-218 package provide the enhanced quality, easy manufacturing and compact mechanical design than current AK TVS families.

  • Innovative package (patent pending) design
  • LTKAK6 and LTKAK10 series being design in SMT package is ideal for automatic pick and place assembly and reflow processes
  • Excellent surge protection
    • 6kA (LTKAK6) and 10kA (LTKAK10) surge capability (8x20µs waveform)
    • Hi Power TVS design in compact SMT package
    • Low clamping and slope resistance
    • Foldbak technology for superior clamping factor
    • Supports very low clamping voltage
    • Sharp breakdown voltage

  • Cell phone base station
  • Industrial TVSS
  • Railway (railroad) trackside signaling and control cabinets
  • Defense & Avionic
  • Power grid & distribution system
Catalog # VR (Vso) MIN VBR@IT
Vc (V) IT
(° C)
IPP 10x1000μs (A)
LTKAK10-058C 58 64 70 110 10 10 125 10000
LTKAK10-066C 66 72 80 120 10 10 125 10000
LTKAK10-076C 76 85 95 140 10 10 125 10000
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