PolySwitch devices



PolySwitch devices are polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) devices, which are used to help protect against harmful overcurrent surges and overtemperature faults. Like traditional fuses, these devices limit the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions. However, the PolySwitch device resets after the fault is cleared and power to the circuit is removed, thereby reducing warranty, service and repair costs. Download this pdf file for technical information on PPTC devices.

Typical applications for PolySwitch devices include computers and peripherals, rechargeable batteries, power supplies, appliances & HVAC systems, automotive electronics, medical and telecommunications equipment.




Device Configurations


Automotive grade PolySwitch devices meet rigorous AEC-Q200 requirements.

Automotive PolySwitch Devices. Chip, surface-mount, and radial-leaded configurations

Computers & Multimedia

PolySwitch SMD series devices conserve board space and help meet regulatory requirements

Surface mount in sizes as small as 1206

Industrial Electronics

PolySwitch LVR series devices help protect power supplies, motors, and industrial controllers.


Portable Electronics

PolySwitch strap devices help protect battery packs and cells in cell phones and other portable electronics.

Strap Battery. Low-profile form factor with axial leads

Telecom & Networking

PolySwitch devices help provide protection against power cross and power induction surge as defined in ITU, Telcordia, and UL.

Telecom Devices. Chip, surface-mount, and radial-leaded configurations

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