Universal thermal printer for payment terminals, ATMs and vending machines!

KONKUR offers thermal printer Fujitsu FTP-639MCL354 in sets with interface card PRN609-012R (TRENTINO) and power cable CBL-025.

Thermal printer designed for printing on paper with a width of 80 mm and a thickness of 60 to 100 mm, is powered by a 24V and equipped with auto-cutting-off mechanism, maximum print speeds is 200 mm / sec.

The controller operates both on USB-port, and on COM-port in the OS Windows XP/2000 or Linux, and also through printing internal fonts.

Size: 77х50 mm

Durable one-piece metal frame serves as the heat sink, electrostatic protection, grounding, impact and vibration resistance.

Unique mechanism of spinning roller provides a direct paper path and easy maintenance of thermal head.

The rear paper loading, ease of mounting mechanism as in vertical and horizontal planes, reliable auto-cutting-off mechanism - all of these features allow the terminal equipment contractor to make a variety of structural solutions.

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