Fujitsu Launches the FTR-G3 Relay, the Smallest 30A Relay in its Class (EMEA).

Fujitsu Components is proud to announce the launch of the FTR-G3 relay, the smallest 30A relay in its class measuring just 6.6 x 13.7 x 14.0mm and weighing approximately 4.0gr. The FTR-G3 relay is a plastic-sealed relay that is ideal for use in tiny spaces, especially in automotive applications where space is at a premium. Despite its small dimensions, the FTR-G3 relay is able to switch high currents up to 30A, making it very suitable for use in Junction boxes and body control units.

In addition to its use in junction boxes and body control units, the FTR-G3 relay is an excellent choice for power windows, power seats, tilt steering, door locks, windshield wipers, and sunroof control applications. The relay features a 30A fuse rate and a high-contact capacity of 100,000 operations at 14V 30A, making it highly reliable. For added convenience, through-hole reflow soldering is available on the -RW / -VH type of relay.

As with all Fujitsu automotive relays, the FTR-G3 relay is compliant with RoHS directive 2011/65/EU, including commission-delegated Directive 2015/863. This makes it an environmentally friendly option for customers.

A versatile option for a wide range of automotive applications, the relay is available in:
- 1 form a and 1 form c
Features a contact gap of 0.25 mm, (500VAC Open Contact, Contact to Coil) and a nominal coil voltage of 12VDC (Nominal Power 640mW).

The FTR-G3 relay demonstrates our commitment to innovation and providing customers with high-quality products. Its small size, high-contact capacity, and RoHS compliance make it the ideal solution for automotive manufacturers looking to maximize space while maintaining high performance."

The FTR-G3 relay is the latest addition to Fujitsu's portfolio of automotive relays. Fujitsu Components is a leading provider of electromechanical components, it’s relays are widely used in automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics applications.

FTR-G3 Specifications
Item Specifications
Contact rating (A) 30A 14VDC, locked motor load, min. 100k ops.
Contact form 1 form a, 1 form c
Soldering PCB TH or THR
Coil voltage (DC) 12 VDC nominal
Coil operating temperature range -40degC to +125degC
Coil nominal power Approx. 640 mW at 20degC
Dimensions (WxLxH)/ Weight 6.6x13.7x14.0mm / Approx. 4.0g
Open contact 500 VAC (50/60Hz), 1 minute
Coil and contact 500 VAC (50/60Hz), 1 minute
Applications Control of power window, power seat, tilt steering, door lock, wiper, sunroof etc.

FTR-G3 datasheet


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